Hair Accessories

Some days just aren't let your hair down days, and you need a way to pull the hair off your face without causing damage.

I need to keep my hair back when working, because long hair doesn't play well with torches or spinning tools!

My hair is damaged from years of too-tight elastics and brushing it when dry, but I am working to get it healthy again by changing not only my routine, but using more gentle accessories in my hair.

Hair Pins and Hair Forks

I often use one of my own metal hair pins to throw my hair up in a messy twist/bun type style. Since my hair is thin and fine, (straggly) I can fit all of it in a single 3" U-pin.  I make them all the way up to 4 1/2" for longer, thicker hair, and many women use two.



 These are available  as singles or pairs, in various metals. (Copper, Bronze, Nugold Brass and Nickel Silver.) or in my Etsy shop: QuirkySues.


 Scrunchies are making a comeback!  Soft materials are recommended if you're looking to protect your hair from damage and frizz.  Satin, silk or velvet are materials that are often mentioned as being gentle. 



Kitsch 5 pack Black Satin Hair Scrunchies for Frizz Prevention.

I'm an everything in black kind of girl so all of the scrunchies I currently own are black. 

If you're looking for a little more variety, this set of 60 velvet scrunchies comes in  rainbow of beautiful colors!

 60 Pcs Premium Velvet Hair Scrunchies Hair Bands for Women or Girls.


Or maybe you prefer fun patterns over solid colors, and want some extra fancy decorative tails on your scrunchies! Scarf Scrunchies - Satin Silk Hair Scarves. For Thick Hair No Crease

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