What I do


I use predominantly copper, with other metals such as sterling silver, brass and bronze.


Copper is a lovely metal to work with; it has a warm rose gold color when polished, and it takes texture and patina very well. I adore the way a nicely antiqued piece of hammered and textured copper looks.

I do metalsmithing (torch soldering with hard solder), wire wrapping, copper electroforming, chainmaille and dabble in foldforming. I hope to eventually add enamelling to my repertoire.



Many of my pieces incorporate genuine semi precious gemstones, either as beads, raw specimens, or polished cabochons.

Many people believe that crystals and stones have healing properties, and that wearing them close to the body and within the auric field allows one to experience and benefit from the crystal energy throughout the day.

I am continually honing my skills and learning new ones so that I can offer the world that special adornment that they just can’t find anywhere else.

Let me create something magical for you!